FASTFIRE Camera Strap - Black on Black

  The FASTFIRE was designed and put on the market in 2010 because we wanted a cross-body, sling-style strap that had certain features not available on the market. Specifically, we wanted a strap that connected to the "camera strap lug" at the top of the camera, where camera makers designed the strap to go. The other major difference we were looking for was wider strap material for better comfort and stability. This strap distributes the weight of the camera evenly across the center of your body instead of having it concentrated on your neck, making it naturally more comfortable and efficient! Features include: Contoured shoulder pad with utility loops on top and slip resistant "Enduratex (Carbon Fiber Pattern)" on the bottom, a heavy duty "Stealth V" quick release buckle, "Camera Link" hardware with dual mechanisms for superior safety, and adjustable strap length to accommodate different body shapes and shooting styles. If you intend to use a point-and shoot camera instead of a DSLR, let us know and we will substitute a "Point-and-Shoot Link" for the "Camera Link".

Sizing Info:

FASTFIRE will adjust to fit the majority of body shapes and sizes, but generally, if you wear XXL, and/or taller than 6' 4", you may want to take a measurement before ordering. Measure from the top of your left shoulder, down across your torso, to the top of your right pants pocket. If that measurement is less than 36", the strap should fit. Our manufacturing facility will be down until summer, therefore we will not be able to take custom orders of any kind.

FASTFIRE Camera Strap!
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